Cannabis Terpene 1ml - Super Cheese 1ML 1
Cannabis Terpene 1ml – Sour Diesel 1ML
3rd June 2020
Cannabis Terpene 1ml - Super Cheese 1ML 2
Cannabis Terpene 1ml – Gorilla Glue
3rd June 2020
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Cannabis Terpene 1ml – Super Cheese 1ML


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– 1ml 

Named for his recognizable smell of lime, cheese, and earthy taste.
An indica hybrid strain from the 1980s in the U.K. 

Terpenes are the naturally occurring chemical compounds of the Cannabis plant.
Terpenes affect the flavors, tastes, and aroma of each strain.

You can now add chosen Plant Of Life Terpenes to all your oils, 
concentrates, e-liquids and resins. 
A 100% natural product.
Does not contain any Cannabinoids 

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Life, of, Plant


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