Naturecan 20% 5-HTP 60 Capsules 1
12 x TRIP 15mg CBD Infused Elderflower & Mint Drink 250ml
18th January 2020
Naturecan 20% 5-HTP 60 Capsules 2
12 x TRIP 15mg CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee Drink 250ml
18th January 2020
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Naturecan 20% 5-HTP 60 Capsules


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Also known as 5-Hydroxytryptophan, 5-HTP is an all-natural amino acid which is a direct precursor to Serotonin and Melatonin, a derivative of the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant cultivated in West and Central Africa, recognised for its ability to increase satiety associated with weight loss [1], 5-HTP works by targeting the brain and central nervous system promoting an increase in the production of Serotonin, providing benefits such as reduced depression, assisting in the regulation of anxiety and the maintenance of bone health [2]

– High Strength 5-HTP

– 30 Servings per Container

– Increase Feeling of Satiety

– Griffonia Simplicifolia Derivative

– Natural Precursor to Serotonin

– Easy to take

– Suitable for Vegetarians

Bulking Agent (Rice Flour)
Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract (20% 5-HTP)
Capsule Shell (HPMC)
Colour (Titanium Dioxide)

Recommended Usage:
Take 1-2 Capsules Daily, on an empty stomach and shortly before bedtime.

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