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13th April 2021
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13th April 2021
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Plant Of Life Jelly 1g V Solid 1g

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Plant Of Life has been working with CBD extractions for more than 10 years. The jelly 22% CBD was launched in 2015. It has a soft pleasant texture reminiscent of Plasticine. A variety of other aromas are available.

Almost immediately their Jelly caused a furore on the market and today is one of the best selling extractions of their brand. Plant of Life Solid 10% has an earthy texture, which is harder than the jelly´s. It can be crushed easily between your fingers. It also has been available to the public for years already and earned a excellent reputation due to its quality. Also comes in a variety of aromas/strains.

The THC level is below 0,2% as permitted by law. This product doesn´t contain any psychoactive substance / narcotic material, under any circumstances.

Each package includes 1gr. of jelly 22% and 1gr. of solid 10%. They are arranged in a beautiful double package: inner round box containing the products and outer packaging with a leaflet.


Plant of Life


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