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28th April 2020
SOSTONED Cannabis Energy Drink With CBD 2
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28th April 2020
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SOSTONED Cannabis Energy Drink With CBD


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Brand: LoveVape

– 330 ml

– Real Cannabis Taste

Energy Drink with cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol), the only energy drink with real cannabis taste.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Flavor Heaven Flam With Cbd (0.075%), Caramel Barwnik, Acid: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrine, Taurin (4mg / Ml), Caffeine (0.32mg / Ml), Vitamins: Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Maintenants: Sorbinian Potassium, Sodium Benzoean, Sweetening Substances: Aspartam, Acesulfam.

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